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Wiadomości (listopad 2016)

Nathan Murstein and Alina Odintsova dance together

Dodane w środa, 30 lis 2016, 21:06 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
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Nathan Murstein and Alina Odintsova have decided to dance together. With his previous partners Nathan was multiple time US Preteen and Junior Champion as well as Blackpool and Dutch Open semifinalist. Alina is one of the young talented dancers and was a finalist and a winner of several regional competitions in Russia. Together they are going...

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Emanual Valeri and Tania Kehlet retire from competitions

Dodane w czwartek, 24 lis 2016, 20:51 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
Read: 1 499

After winning the Professional World Championships within the WDSF federation 2 weeks ago, Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet announced the end of their competitive career. They were several times WDSF World Standard champions, European champion, Danish champions, and since turning Professional in 2014 they became one of the top couples in WDSF Pr...

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Evgeny Orlov and Evgeniya Poskrebysheva split

Dodane w poniedziałek, 21 lis 2016, 21:42 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
Read: 1 380

After six months of dancing together Evgeniya Poskrebysheva and Evgeny Orlov were forced to finish their dancing career due to personal reasons. They represented Russia and were finalists in German Open Championship, World Series Professional Latin and Festivaldanza Italy where they were third. In Blackpool Dance Festival, in Professional Latin...

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Vjaceslavs Visnakovs and Tereza Kizlo retire from competition

Dodane w sobota, 12 lis 2016, 19:36 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
Read: 2 484

We have just received a note from Vjaceslavs Visnakovs and Tereza Kizlo that they decided to end their competitive career after 10 years. They represented Latvia and were national champions in 2012. They represented their country at the European championships where they were in the semi-finals. Since then, they moved to the WDC Amateur League a...

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