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Wiadomości (maj 2017)

New partnership of Przemek Lowicki and Nancy Berti

Dodane w czwartek, 25 maj 2017, 12:15 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
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Both Przemek Lowicki and Nancy Berti, having been away from the competitive dance floor for the last 4 years, recently decided to combine their careers based on their deep passion and shared experiences in the Latin American dancing. Their desire allows them not to compete against each other, like they used to. They combine their talent and kno...

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Wiktor Kiszka and Leanne Han split

Dodane w środa, 17 maj 2017, 21:37 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
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After nearly two years of dancing together Wiktor Kiszka and Leanne Han terminated their dancing partnership. They represented Poland in WDC Professional Ballroom division. They were semifinalist of the International Championships and finalists at WDC European Professional Ballroom championships. See their results. They would like to thank t...

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Win 2 tickets to the Blackpool Dance Festival with VIP treatment and goodie bag courtesy of Swarovski and Chrisanne Clover

Dodane w czwartek, 11 maj 2017, 10:30 przez admin | przeczytaj 0 komentarzy
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The saying goes that two heads are better than one, and the proof is clear to see for two of the dance sport’s most iconic brands CHRISANNE CLOVER and SWAROVSKI. Combining their extensive knowledge, heritage and passion, together they have transformed the dance sport industry. Chrisanne Clover and Swarovski have enjoyed a successf...

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