Igor Mikushov and Ekaterina Romashkina split

Igor Mikushov and Ekaterina Romashkina split

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We have received a note from Igor Mikushov and Ekaterina Romashkina that they decided split up. They were US Professional Classic Showdance vice-champions and finalists or winners of many important international competitions. See their results.

They wrote:

We would like to announce the end of our dance partnership.

It hasn’t been an easy decision for either of us but we both feel it’s an important one to make in order to continue to develop as professionals in our field. We’ve gone a long way together. We started our journey in 2004 in Russia being a youth couple. After 3 years together and few years apart we continued to be an awesome team in the United States where we’ve been learning, improving and growing to become experienced professional couple for the past 7 years. We have had a tremendous effect on each other’s life. Experiences we shared shaped us into people we are today. We will forever cherish and appreciate the dance career we’ve gone through together and be thankful to each other.

We would like to show respect and gratitude to people who were there for us at the very beginning 15 years ago: our first coaches Natalia Urban and Stanislav Bekmametov and, of course, our families who supported us and gave a chance to reach our dreams and gain first international success. We are endlessly thankful to a very close team of our coaches who have been with us in America throughout our professional career: Gary and Diana Mcdonald and the whole Rogers dance studio for embracing us, giving opportunity to work and develop in this country, Katusha Demidova, Arunas Bizokas and Giampierro Giannico for your highest expertise, knowledge, patience and unconditional support. Another sincere gratitude goes to Chris Stephenson of Jordy, big part of our dance family, whose creativity and support made us look and feel like superstars on a dance floor. Thank you! Big thanks to Freed of London for the most comfortable shoes and dealing with our most complicated requests. And lots of love to Mira Franz for amazing tanning products and smile and positivity at any time!

Now we are both looking forward to new beginnings, open for creative offers and ideas.